Brand Activation


Getvisuals produced a brand activation for Stolichnaya Vodka in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic launching their newest campaign for their new lines of  flavored vodka.

While engineering a projection mapped “Bottle Wall”, synchronized DMX control and FX moments,
The bottle wall came to life as each bottle acts as a pixel or fills up with multi-color patterns. 2 side by side projectors for an aspect ratio of  3,840 X 1080 pixels.
Mixed with vodka, music and lighting we created an amazing experience and feature to this very exclusive VIP event.

Content Creation: After Effects, Premiere, Illustrator, Photoshop and Cinema 4D

Lighting Software: GrandMA

VJ software: Resolume Arena

Open credits


Client: Stolichnaya Vodka

Executive Producer: Pablo Pou of PAV Events

Creative Director: Emile Van De Coevering

Executive Creator: Emilio Sa

Lighting Director: Evan T Bloom

VJ: Megan Pagoda

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