Brand Activation / Music Festival

Interface Design

Your Mix Your Mash Interactive Music Installation

“Every year, we want to give guests a new, engaging experience that they cannot get anywhere else” commented David Corso, CEO of the experiential marketing company responsible for Heineken House, Corso Agency. “This year, we have partnered with Get Visuals and SmithsonMartin to create a remix station that gives guests the ability to make a completely unique song and share it with their friends”. The YourMixYourMash station is utilizing the state-of-the-art Emulator ELITE, a giant see through touchscreen that is visible for both the artist and the audience. “What we wanted to do was harness the power of professional music production software, Ableton and simplify the process of making music so that anyone, regardless of their experience could make a really great remix” said Get Visuals Executive Creator and UX Designer Emilio Sa. “Using our custom interactive interface, Music by: Cappa Regime and Emulator 1.5 ended up giving us a musical tool that did not exist before now”.

Touch screen software and hardware: Smithson Martin Emulator Pro and Elite

Content Creation: After Effects, Premiere, Illustrator, Photoshop and Cinema 4D

Open credits

Your Mix Your Mash Interactive Music Installation

CLIENT: Heineken USA

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: David Corso of Corso Agency

OPERATIONS DIRECTOR: Eric Milner of Corso Agency


TECHNICAL DIRECTOR: Emile Van De Coevering

MUSIC BY: Jake Kasheeta of Kappa Regime

TOUCH SCREENS BY: Smithson Martin

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