Music Festival Design

Barbarella 2015 – The Journey

Dominican Republic’s very own Cerveza Presidente and the agency of record PAV entertainment came to us to create a one of kind experience. Beyond just designing one feature for this event. We were awarded the responsibilities of the conceptualizing the theme of the event “The Journey” by our creative director Emile Van De Coevering. We transported the crowd through the cosmos to planet Presidente and our star avatar Barbarella as the ships computer guidance. We created the line up of artists, all social media posts, marketing direction as well as audio/visual intro and interlude moments, stage design, live show direction, video playback systems. All 3D CGI was made in C4D and rendered in Unreal Engine for realtime updating during production and live rendering of scenes. Working with SJ Lighting for lighting and stage design and PixMob utilizing their proprietary DMX controlled LED bracelets we manifested special moments during the artist performances that hyped and unified the crowds reaction to the music. The song in this video is the theme song we created for the event that was given to all the performing artists to work into their sets. This project for us was a labor of love that took well over 6 months of production and preparation culminating into one glorious party.

Content Creation: Unreal Engine, After Effects, Premiere, Illustrator, Photoshop and Cinema 4D

Lighting Software: GrandMA

VJ software: Resolume Arena

Open credits

Barbarella 2015 - Music Festival

Client: PAV Events, Presidente

Executive Producer: Emilio Sa Colorado

Creative Director: Emile Van De Coevering

Lighting Director: Steve Lieberman

Visual Performer/VJ: Emilio Sa Colorado

Stage Design: Steve Lieberman,Brandon Rosado, Emile van de Coevering, Maxwell Robin

Stage Decor: Liliana Soto

Lighting Operator: Maxwell Robin, Steve Lieberman

Pyro and FX: Leonel Grullon

Audio Operation: George Stavro

Audio Production: Sander Houtman

Pixmob: Olivier Fournier,Valarie Menard, Xavier Begin-Leblanc

Animation: Andre Wee, Vadim Gromov,

Office Management: Sussy Rodriguez, Joanne Marie Labarca

Production Manager: Hector Grullon

Management and Direction: Pablou Pou

Artist Manager: Nicole Rodriguez

Stage Manager: Karl Anton

Venue Production: Juan Tejera, Aldo D' Alessandro

Marketing Director: Rafa Melo

Marketing Art Director: Elena Afanasieva

Video Editing: Emile Van De Coevering

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