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RIP Lola Maria


  • Finally updated my studio! 
#resolume  #unrealengine #aftereffects
  • LED Cube fishtank content previz.
4 camera rig placed in various environments and rendered in realtime to spout layers in resolume then spouted back to unreal for previz wow! #unrealengine #resolume
  • We had donuts this morning 🍩🏎💨
  • A real artists spares no expense and rehearse their fucking shows! Someone once told me I've never had to rehearse with any VJ. Im like "Bitch you got me fucked up"!
  • #rollingloud here we come!
  • Previz LED cube. Spouting cube mapped content from #resolumearena to #unrealengine in realtime, at 4k resolution 🙌 @variantmalibu #unrealengine @unrealengine @epicgames @resolume #aftereffects #cinema4d
  • Got my gators on! @calamigosranch
  • Its a dog day afternoon wif wolfy mane 🖤🐾 @wolfboyentertainment
  • 88⛅
  • That Rich Brian tho @brianimanuel 
Them visuals by @raytheon_pr_team
  • Jojiiiiiiiiiiiiiii @88rising @sushitrash  #headinthecloudsfestival #88risingtour thanks for the invite bro @raytheon_pr_team 🖤😁🔥
  • 💍 Got married last night. Thanks to @iammarkronson for being the best wedding DJ ever! #susannebartsch #markronson #heartbreak

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